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Honesty is our watch word in discharging our services.

It will be great to serve from pre-drilling (geophysical survey) to drilling and post-drilling (borehole installation)

It was great to have done a geophysical survey and carried a successful drilling of borehole and its installation in AMUODO COMMUNITY, NKANU WEST LGA, ENUGU.

Geophysical Survey

A geophysical survey carried out at Amagunze, Nkanu East LGA, Enugu State to delineate groundwater availability and its table level.

This was done and interpreted on the 24th of January, 2014.

100% Free Submersible Pump installation

Jan 10, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019

Hurry now while offer lasts. 40,000 Naira give away. This is our service cost for pump installation in your borehole. We are letting go this fee if you contract us to carryout your borehole geophysics and drilling.

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Borehole Drilling/Construction

  • Borehole Drilling

    Water Borehole drilling involves drilling and casing a hole to access groundwater. We have two major types of drilling we do. 1. Down The Hole Hammer Drill (DTHHD); which uses air compressor for blowing out cuttings from the drilling hole. 2. Rotary Drilling which uses Drilling mud circulation for softening the hole and expulsion of drilled sands. After the drilling casing and screen installations is done alongside gravel packing. NOTE: Price of Drilling is determined by the recommended depth from the report of geophysical survey carried out on the site.
  • Electric Pump Installation

    NGN 50,000.00
    We install electric pump in your borehole. After you must have bought the electric pump and all the necessary materials for the installation. If you ask for quotation for the electric pump and materials we deliver it to you. We can also buy the materials by your order. NOTE: The price above is our service charge.
  • Hand Pump installation

    NGN 80,000.00
    We install hand pump in your borehole. After you must have bought the hand pump and all the necessary materials for the installation. If you ask for quotation for the hand pump and materials we deliver it to you. We can also buy the materials by your order. NOTE: The price above is our service charge.
  • Pumping Test

    NGN 120,000.00
    Pumping test is a field experiment in which a well is pumped at a controlled rate and water-level response (drawdown) is measured in one or more surrounding observation wells and optionally in the pumped well (control well) itself; response data from pumping tests are used to estimate the hydraulic properties of aquifers, evaluate well performance and identify aquifer boundaries.

Geophysical Surveys

  • Groundwater Exploration for Borehole Site Locations Using Geophysical Methods

    NGN 50,000.00
    Groundwater exploration is the investigation of underground formations to understand the hydrologic cycle, know the groundwater quality, and identify the nature, number and type of aquifers. This is done using different geophysical exploration method. We use the surface method called Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) this being the most effective method, provides valuable information regarding the vertical successions of subsurface geo-materials in terms of their individual thicknesses and corresponding resistivity values. It is rapid and much effective in estimating aquifer thickness of an area and is cost effective technique for groundwater study. Keywords: Geophysical survey, borehole geophysics, borehole drilling,
  • Borehole Geophysical Logging

    NGN 250,000.00
    Borehole geophysical logging, also known as Well logging is the practice of making a detailed measuring and recording the physical properties of the geologic formations penetrated by a borehole with a sensor located in a borehole. This is done after a borehole is drilled. Adding to our surface geophysical services we provide, a full suite of down-hole geophysical logging to meet our client’s specific needs. Specific Applications 1. Characterize lithologies and their physical properties 2. Determine depths & orientations of bedrock fractures 3. Locate productive bedrock fractures & water producing zones 4. Correlate stratigraphyInspect casing, concrete/bedrock contact, voids 5. Determine verticality/borehole deviation 6. Detect zones of contamination 7. Locate clay layers in overburden 8. Select zones for packer testing & hydrofracing 9. Locate pegmatites, radioactive ores, and base metals
  • Mineral Geophysical Explorations

    We offer strategic process of information gathering that assesses the mineral potential of a given area. This processes are in different stages as follows: 1. Planning – We start exploration with the gathering and analyzing of publicly available information on potential exploration areas. 2. Recording of Mineral Claims – Once geologically favorable areas worthy of further exploration are identified, we advise explorer to secure the mineral rights. 3. Reconnaissance – to rapidly identify geological anomalies that indicate the presence of mineralization in the highlighted areas. This includes, Prospecting and geological mapping, Rock sampling, Geophysical survey, and Geochemical analysis.
  • Environmental geophysical survey

    We provide a safe way to assess potential environmental concerns such as identifying preferential pathways, determining waste limits, mapping buried debris, and locating checking erosions without disturbing the subsurface. NOTE: Price is by negotiation

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